1. “Platinum Sponsor of the City of Quitman” sign placed at 3- Welcome to Quitman Signs with Business name and location until the end of 2020

  2. T-Shirt name and logo (only Platinum & Gold Sponsors will be on the t-shirt which will result in larger ad)

  3. Platinum Sponsor on City website for 1-year  P.S. check out our new website www.quitmanar.com

  4. Platinum Sponsor on Quitmanfest website www.quitmanfest.com cover for 1 year

  5. Platinum Sponsor on Qfest facebook page

  6. Banner at front entrance of festival

  7. Business listed on City electronic sign for 3 months

  8. Platinum Sponsor yard sign for your business

  9. Vendor spot at Qfest

  10. Free tshirts for owners



  1. Gold Sponsor on Qfest website www.quitmanfest.com  for 1-year

  2. Gold Sponsor on facebook cover for 6 months

  3. Name on t-shirt

  4. Banner at front entrance of festival

  5. Name on City electronic sign for 3 months

  6. Gold Sponsor yard sign for your business

  7. Vendor spot at Qfest

  8. Free tshirts for owners



  1. Silver Sponsor on Qfest website www.quitmanfest.com  for 1yr  

  2. Facebook post for 6 months

  3. Yard sign for business as sponsor

  4. Electronic sign 3 months

  5. Vendor spot at Qfest



  1. Facebook post for 3 months

  2. Electronic sign for 3 months

  3. Vendor spot at Qfest


Dear Community Partner,

We know that this past year has been an unusual and stressful time for many. We deliberated on whether to host QuitmanFest this year or not. The Quitman City Council voted to carry on with our tradition and move forward with the festival. We have been approved by the health department and feel confident that we can safely have this outside event. Of course, there is no event without our dedicated sponsors and volunteers. We have put together a one of kind advertising opportunity for each level of Qfest sponsor and have attached a sponsor form. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for volunteering call Mayor Cyndi Kerr @ 501-589-5139.

Because of Covid-19 we waited to make the decision until later, so we are on a time crunch on getting everything put together. We kindly ask that you please respond as soon as possible so we can get the signs and t-shirts made. Deadline for t-shirts is Aug. 28th. We look forward to seeing you at QuitmanFest Sept. 26 from 10-6 bring your family and friends and let’s enjoy the day!


The City of Quitman