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Vendor supplies all tents, tables, chairs, extension cords, etc. You are receiving an outdoor space at the complex.

Booth price includes 1 Car Pass. (Additional vehicles will be $5) BOOTH IS SPACE ONLY.

Thanks for submitting!

VENDOR APPLICATION: Vendor Application


After you receive your approval email, payments can be made via PayPal at



OUTDOOR EVENT - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

PLEASE MAIL PAYMENT AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR APPROVAL OF BOOTH EMAIL, no refunds after August 15. Direct Sales payments are due by July 30. Last day to accept payment is Sep. 20. Booths will be placed as payments are received.

Make checks payable to City of Quitman. You may turn in at Quitman City Hall or mail it to:
Tonia Shue, QuitmanFest, 10 Dovie Ln, Quitman, AR 72131

Contact Tonia with any questions at 501-250-6386, call or text.

Your booth is only reserved after payment is received. Booths will be placed as the vendor form with payment is received.

This event will limit booths to one per company.

Please list company or types of items you plan to bring, so we will have no duplications. We will, however, not limit the number of craft booths, since all crafters do their items differently. We will also not limit the number of bake sales booths.  We will, however, try to place any booths with like items away from each other.

Keep the following page for your records. Please make copies of flyers to pass out to your regular customers or come by city hall for copies to pass out.


Wait for an acceptance email before mailing payment.

Exhibitors must furnish their own tent, tables, chairs, extension cords, lighting, etc.

Booth spaces are 10ftx10ft. If an exhibitor needs more than 10ft. of space, two booth spaces must be purchased.

Booth must be open from 10am-5pm. Exhibitors are encouraged to stay open until 6 pm, which is closing time. No vehicles will be allowed in the park area until after 6pm.

Exhibitors may begin setting up at 7:30 am, however, all vehicles must be out of the park by 9 am. You may bring in your vehicle, unload, then park your vehicle. You may then set up your booth.

Exhibitors may begin breaking down as early as 5:00 pm, but may not bring a vehicle in to load until after 6 pm.
Exhibitors may only display and sell products within the category for which they were accepted.

Any items which are not listed on the application will be deemed non-acceptable by the QuitmanFest committee and will be removed from the show. Please list every type of item to be sold. Items cannot be added after acceptance.

The QuitmanFest committee reserves the right to remove products, works or displays considered objectionable to the public or inappropriate for a family event and may do so without refund to exhibitor.

The following items CANNOT be sold or distributed: bottled water, ice, soft drinks, alcohol-related products, tobacco products, lighters, fireworks, snap pops, stink bombs, silly string, or T-shirts with the QuitmanFest logo or phrase.

The QuitmanFest committee has the sole and exclusive right to add additional items to the list before or during the festival.

Exhibitors must check in no later than 8:45 am on Saturday morning, the day of the event.

Exhibitors are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying all sales taxes collected to the appropriate revenue division.

Only bake sale items may be sold in the vendor area. Any other food vendors will need to apply for a Concessions application, which is subject to other regulations.

Vehicles and storage trailers are not allowed to be used as a booth or in your booth.

Pets are not allowed in your booth at QuitmanFest.

No refunds will be given due to inclement weather. Rain or shine the festival will go on as planned and exhibitors are required to be present for the entire festival. If a decision is made regarding the festival based on weather, exhibitors will be notified accordingly in a timely manner.

Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their assigned area clean and orderly.

Active solicitation outside the booth is prohibited.

Any exhibitor removing their items before 5 pm will not be considered for participation in future festivals.

The City of Quitman is expressly released from any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property.

An application constitutes a contract to follow all rules and regulations and is a commitment to participate, if accepted.

VENDOR APPLICATION: Rules & Regulations
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